History of Rio Grappling Club

The Rio Grappling Club is a martial arts team with a network that extends across 4 continents (Africa, Asia, America and Europe). It is leaded by Roberto Atalla and Mauro Chueng, both 4th degree black belts under Master Sergio Bolao Souza (black belt under Carlson Gracie Sr).

The Rio Grappling Club was born in 2003 as a sports society inside SOAS University of London, founded by Roberto Atalla. In 2005 his friend Mauro Chueng joined the team, and the Rio Grappling Club became a network. In these 11 years, our group has expanded into new places, with schools in 18 countries.

Our mission is to empower people. We aim to provide a safe and friendly environment where all can train and learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling; help our students improve beyond the scope of martial arts, developing skills that can be used on their lives; and expand BJJ and Grappling worldwide.

Our motto: BJJ without borders. In our understanding, our art can be practiced by people from all backgrounds, regardless of age, sex, ethnic background or where they live.

However, BJJ is not for everyone. It takes courage and persistence to be training regularly and lots of people give up in their first year. We do not endorse watered down programs that hide students from reality.


The Rio Grappling Club is a global sports organization committed only to martial arts development, without involvement in religion or politics. Fighting sports unite people and promote equality among humans.

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